January 2021

To all our supporters

We are hugely grateful to everyone who has supported us over the last year. The last 9 months in particular have been an extremely busy time for us, and we have had to be agile about amending our processes to carry on providing food throughout. 

Thanks to a huge team of very dedicated volunteers and to many generous donors, we have been able to continue seamlessly through the Covid crisis, and in fact have been able to be more generous in our parcels so that they last for closer to a week and now include some fresh items such as bread, cheese, milk and butter (carrots, potatoes and eggs were already part of our pack).  

Demand for parcels was huge at the beginning of lockdown when we were giving out more than 3 times our pre-Covid average.  Since then, things have calmed down with other projects around the town which were put in place, so that in general we’ve been about 2 times busier than usual. There is a chart below which shows the monthly figures compared to last year.

Over Christmas we organised and put together a special additional bag for each household filled with Christmas treats donated by local schools, businesses, community groups, churches & individuals.  We were also able to include a supermarket voucher for everyone in these bags which clients have been hugely grateful for.  Below, you will also find some excerpts of thank you emails and texts which we received from clients over the Christmas period.

It is the generosity of local people, together with some funding that we’ve been awarded, that allow us to confidently continue to provide for people who are struggling at the moment, and we are hugely grateful for the level of support we’ve received.  

May we wish you well in 2021.

Heather & all the Foodbank team


Thank yous over Christmas 2020:

‘Thank you to all that was involved in the delivery of food items and the voucher, that I shall use to buy meat for my Christmas dinner. I appreciate your kind help.’

‘Thank you so much for the food and bits and the voucher you have no idea how grateful me and my girls are.’

‘I just received a food parcel from you. I would like to say a massive thank you it was really really well needed and after the year that we’ve all had, I can actually have a sensible Christmas so I want to say thank you to you and the team at St. Clare’s for all the hard work that you’re all doing the local community I wish you all a very happy Christmas lots of loves and prayers.”

“ I just opened the Christmas card that you sent me. I forgot about it last night and put it up on the shelf and I’ve just opened it to find I have a £30 Tesco voucher. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. “

‘I am emailing you to say a massive thank you for the package that you sent me at Christmas, it helped me a lot and made me feel like someone cared for me over the Christmas period. I massively appreciate it.’