Fuel Information

If you have been referred to us for a food parcel and you are using a prepayment meter, we may be able to help you with a fuel voucher through the Fuel Bank Foundation.

The week after you have received your food parcel, if eligible, our Fuel Team will get in touch with you via Telephone. We will take some of your details (eg. energy provider, address) and submit an application to the Fuel Bank Foundation for you. You will then be sent a voucher within 48 hours of submission which comes in a barcode format either via text or email depending on your preference. This can then be redeemed at a local shop or post office depending on if you use paypoint or payzone.

Please note that our primary focus is to help clients with food and that our fuel vouchers are tied to our food parcels so, unfortunately, we are unable to solely support clients with fuel.

If you are eligible for fuel support from us, we will provide you with a physical copy of a Fuel Bank Foundation Leaflet or email you one. If you have misplaced it, please see the document uploaded below. This will help you when redeeming your fuel voucher.