Christmas Tree Festival!

Why am I getting ‘undressed’? – Friary Christmas Tree Festival

Our tree has been fully decorated to the brim with donated baubles from our lovely volunteers as well as some hand crafted ones which are hand sewn and others filled with chocolate!

The Tree will be wonderfully ornate and fully decked for the first few days. Then, throughout the Christmas weeks, we will be removing baubles from the tree to donate to clients at our sessions and welcome them to choose from the wonderful selection to spread some of the festive joy this Christmas!

As the weeks go by, the tree will gradually become more bare as the baubles are donated with card cutouts appearing in their stead. The tree will become a transient symbol acting as a visual representation of the quantity of clients we support over Christmas, which we feel will show why the publics donations are so important! 

We will be updating this page during the weeks with stats on how many clients we have helped so keep an eye out and many thanks in advance for your votes!

The Friary Christmas Tree Festival is on the second floor on the side nearest North Street.

UPDATE! – 13th of December

Hi Everyone, you may have noticed that our tree has been changing! We have been busy elves removing baubles (putting ‘Donated’ gift tags in their stead) and taking them down to our food bank sessions to gift to clients.

Between the 1st and 8th of December we provided 53 parcels, we fed 86 adults and 63 children. This was our quietest week so we are expecting things to get much busier! We’ve been providing a bauble for everyone in each client household so you can see why our tree had to be packed to the brim at the start!

Keep a look out for our stats up date early next week!