Food donations

foodbank1_small_tinsWe are always grateful for donations of food. If you’d like to donate items or if you’d like to organise a collection in your school or church, please contact us on 07583 025435. At the Tesco superstore in Guildford, there is also a collection area near the checkouts, where items can be donated after your shop.

UPDATE March 2017: Thanks to your generous donations we are currently well stocked for biscuits, tea and soup, but other items are very welcome

The following items of food are needed, if we are not fully stocked:

• Tinned vegetables and baked beans
• Tinned fish and meat
• Rice, instant mash potato, pasta
• Pasta sauces (jar or packet)
• Tinned or dried fruit
• Rice pudding and custard
• Long life milk and fruit juice
• Coffee and Hot Chocolate.
• Sugar
• Biscuits and snack bars
• Jam
• Cereal
• Tinned or packet puddings and jelly
• Baby milk, nappies – size 6, baby wipes
• Toiletries and toilet rolls
• Female hygiene products (pads and tampons)

If you are able and would like to contribute financially,  donations can be made by cheque payable to “North Guildford Food Bank” and sent to:

North Guildford Food Bank
St Clare’s Church
Cabell Road
Park Barn
(we are not able to claim Gift Aid)